Wiremold: You Know It, You Love It, C2G Sells It!

Wiremold: You Know It, You Love It, C2G Sells It!

Innovative Wire and Cable Management.

Leading the industry as a provider of end-to-end wire and cable management and pathway solutions, Wiremold delivers the widest range of innovative, aesthetically pleasing ways to get from Point A to Point B. Now part of Legrand North America, C2G now has access to the Wiremold catalog of products! By working closely with Wiremold, C2G now offers a full lineup of complete solutions to assist with your cable management needs.

C2G now offers several types of raceway in many different sizes for multiple applications. From the 4000 series raceway that can house multiple channels and provide up to 100 different cables at 40% fill rate down to the 700 series for single or dual cable runs. Power runs won’t interfere with data and video communications when using the dual channel raceway. Over the Floor Raceway (OFR) and Corduct is perfect for protecting and hiding cabling while minimizing the trip hazard for running cables across the floor.

Along with Wiremold raceway, C2G also offers several Wiremold power solutions, including a USB Plugmold for adding USB outlets at home, work, and everywhere else USB power is supported. Hospitality, commercial, and computer-grade power strips allow for power to be used wherever you need it. Table mounts not only provide power where you need it, but also the connectivity needed via cable retractors for connecting to presentation devices.

As TVs become thinner and flush to the wall, the Evolution Series Wall Boxes will allow for a clean, easy installation. The mount sits nearly flush to the wall, and up to four wall plates can be installed in the recessed panel. The Evolution Series Ceiling Boxes allows for the installation of projectors or active equipment where racks will not fit. Everything is housed in the room where the devices sit, and the panel drops down, so changing components no longer requires getting up into the ceiling. It can all be done right there in the room.

With the addition of Wiremold, C2G product lines encompass more than just cables. Our lineup of Wiremold cable management solutions will help you run and hide your cabling infrastructure in safe, clean, good-looking manner.

By Keith Honigford

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