Wireless AV for HDMI - Two Real Life Applications.

Wireless AV for HDMI - Two Real Life Applications.

Few things in the world of technology surprise me. However, the advancement of wireless HDMI, or lack thereof, truly shocked me. Wireless HDMI is something that everyone has been clamoring to have as long as HDMI has existed, at least that’s how my memory has filled in the blanks. Loud trumpets sound “Dun dun duuuuun!” Along comes the Wireless AV for HDMI Device Kit to fill that void. The wireless transmission of HDMI signals allows for creative solutions in homes, office buildings, schools and so much more!

Wireless AV for HDMI in…lights, camera, action!

It was filming day, C2G was about to create a product video for our brand new Wireless AV for HDMI Devices Kit. I walked into a large room with a 50 foot long stark white brick wall to my left, and windows to my right. This room had an open floor plan with a few desks and some other furniture making up a meeting area; it was a beautifully crafted modern setting. Lined up along the 50 foot stretch of brick wall was tote after tote of equipment and cables. It was, from my opinion, rather impressive and spoke to the complexity of filming. We finally made it into the room where we were to be filmed, cables strategically ran to lights and camera equipment. It was a web of PVC coated copper.

We were in the middle of filming the video for the Wireless AV for HDMI Devices kit, which was incredibly fun and quite hilarious, when the filming crew asked “how much is this kit” and “how well does it work”? The questions piqued my interest. Why would the film crew care? So I asked. They told me how they would be very interested in using it to wirelessly transmit HD signal from the camera to their HD display, removing cables from the setup and giving them greater freedom of movement. Wirelessly transmitting from a camera to a display was not even something I had considered for this kit. This product has even MORE potential to simplify and improve workspaces than I thought. There are an endless number of applications that use HDMI cables…that could now make the connection wirelessly.

When I got home after filming, my wife and I were discussing how using a wireless signal to transmit HDMI would be useful in her classroom. Yes, her classroom is wired to connect a laptop to the interactive white board using lots of other fun C2G products all tucked neatly into Wiremold raceway; however, being tied down to one location while teaching is not always optimal. Some students have a greater propensity to fidget and move while fully engaged in learning. Using the Wireless AV for HDMI Device kit would enable her to be an untethered teacher, providing her with near bionic super human abilities. What are these abilities you ask? Being able to interact individually with students, literally at their desk. She would not have to leave the laptop behind and disconnect from the lesson, losing the interest or attention of other students while she engaged a student that needed individual attention in that moment. Presenting on the move, never missing a beat, is invaluable in her world.

These two examples are simple ways that I have uncovered the Wireless AV for HDMI Devices Kit simplifying the lives of people around me. How will you simplify your life with it?