Win A Complete Huddle Space From C2G

Win A Complete Huddle Space From C2G

So what the heck is a huddle space? Smaller than a conference room but bigger than a cubicle, a huddle space serves three to five people who need to get together for a meeting. Anyone who works in a traditional office space knows that finding a meeting room is often a challenge, and most of the time the room is outfitted for 10-20 people verses three to five people. Net net: many organizations are re-evaluating the meeting space requirements for today’s “collaborative” business needs.

The facts: 73% of meetings only involve two to three people, but over half of all conference rooms are designed for seven or more. Huddle spaces have quickly become the latest trend in work space environments, creating greater efficiency and more conference room options for employees.

What’s in a huddle space? A huddle space has only the essentials: 3-5 chairs, a table, multiple power sources, a screen or display device, and network connectivity. Sometimes the space also has a whiteboard and a telephone. Again, a huddle space in the “in-between” space that resides between a cubicle and a conference room.

So the question is—would YOU like to win the elements of a huddle space? C2G is living away everything that’s required to set up your very own huddle space!

• One LCD TV
• Five desk chairs
• One Middle Atlantic table Hub

What’s a table Hub? Hub is a technology-ready, all-in-one furniture solution for collaboration spaces that is designed to maximize equipment and cable storage. Hub is designed for easy integration and is ideal for smaller collaboration spaces in corporate and active learning classrooms. Each Hub is comprised of a TechPed™ Technology Pedestal featuring rackmounting space, an integrated power strip and Lever Lock accessories for small device mounting.

How do you win a huddle space? All you need to do is click this and enter to win!

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