We’re moving: Vandalia – here we come!

We’re moving: Vandalia – here we come!

Last month we announced our upcoming move to a new office in Vandalia, where we have leased 35,000 square feet of office space that we will renovate and then occupy later this year.

C2G has already received a warm reception from the business and civic communities in Vandalia. As one of the largest holders of office space in the city, we’ll be contributing to the area’s strong economic growth.

C2G plans a total transformation of the new office space with the very latest wiring and network connections. As a global leader in audio/video & PC, data connectivity, physical infrastructure, and power management products and solutions, C2G has an array of products to help modernize this new office.


We will use C2G and Legrand products and solutions throughout the renovation of the new Vandalia office—creating an ultra-modern, IoT-enabled, “open” office space.

The Vandalia location is the perfect space for us to integrate and showcase our building infrastructure solutions with products designed to support data center, building network, and audio/video applications. By using our own connectivity solutions, we’re demonstrating that we’re following the lead of our customers by leveraging the cabling, connectivity, and physical infrastructure provider of choice.

See media coverage of the Vandalia move in the in Dayton Daily News and the Dayton Business Journal.

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