Vote Third Party Transceivers this Election Season

Vote Third Party Transceivers this Election Season

This election season, cast your vote for Third Party Transceivers! There are quite a few misconceptions in the market place regarding third party transceivers so we’ve put out fact checkers to the work to uncover the truth about Legrand Transceivers!

T/F: Legrand Transceivers are compatible with Cisco, HP, Juniper and many other top manufacturers networking equipment.

alt Legrand transceivers fully comply to Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) standards, which means our transceivers will function identically to any other manufacturer’s transceiver.

In addition, each and every Legrand transceiver is 100% application tested to the original OEM specifications as well as tested in the actual networking equipment it was designed for.

T/F: 3rd Party Transceivers can void manufacturer’s warranties.


It’s a common misconception that using 3rd Party Transceivers may void a manufacturer’s warranty on network equipment. The truth is that denying warranty support is illegal per the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act.

In fact, network equipment manufacturers all have guidelines stating that warranty support on their products will not be affected by installing a Legrand or any third party transceiver; you just have to ask them or find it on their web site.

T/F: Legrand Transceiver are TAA Compliant. alt Legrand transceivers are TAA compliant and follow the guidelines put forth in the Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581).
TAA is intended to promote products either made in the USA or made in free-trade friendly countries, which is often a requirement for government buyers and government contractors.

T/F: Legrand Transceivers ship same day. alt C2G knows that when you need transceivers for your network, you usually need them right away.

Our customer service team is ready to quote you in minutes, and will ship your order the same day if it is in stock and received by 4:00PM EST weekdays.

Even for large orders or transceivers that we do not stock, we will ship in 3-5 days.

T/F: Fortune 100 companies only use OEM transceivers. alt 30 plus Fortune 100 companies trust the reliability and compatibility of the same 3rd Party Legrand transceivers available in our offering today—to run their mission critical data centers.

You can be confident Legrand Transceivers will be perfectly compatible with OEM network equipment, won’t void your OEM network equipment warranty, are TAA compliant, and will deliver quickly! Plus, you can request a demo unit to test free for 30 days—contact us to learn how!