New Solutions For Common Network Issues

New Solutions For Common Network Issues

No one offers more ways to get connected and stay connected than Legrand. As a leader in network infrastructure our products are designed to support and simplify your data center, building network or audio/video application. We understand that choosing network infrastructure can be difficult, which is why we do all the leg work for you. We provide a single, fully integrated end-to-end solution and assist you with a technology refresh for your integrated system. Make a single call to one manufacturer for a seamless power and data solution for any IDF, MDF, Edge or lab environment.

Legrand recently released a series of Vertical Wall Mount Cabinets, Swing Out Wall Mount Cabinets, and associated cable management accessories. These products offer new solutions to common network issues -  regardless of the size of your space.

The new Vertical Wall Mounts, or VWM’s, provide a convenient and easy-to-use solution for Edge, IoT, PoE applications where floor space is at a premium. This space saving solution allows you to mount up to 37” deep rack equipment vertically in a cabinet that stands only 12” off the wall. It can support a complete network, including up to 8RU of traditional rack mount equipment, power, thermal management and connectivity. The VWM makes it easy to access for upgrades, refreshes and add/drops.

The VWM has the highest UL certified load rating in the industry among low profile edge cabinets. The cabinet can be loaded with up to 150 lbs of equipment at the vertical rails. With special accessories included, the VWM can hold up to 9RU in 12” of depth, and 13 RU in 18” of depth. If security is a concern, the VWM comes equipped with locking doors. Additional security measures can be added such as; electronic, combination, and biometric locks.  

Whether you’re looking to add to your existing infrastructure or deploy new network infrastructure, Legrand has you covered. Let us help you identify everything you need for your next project, from a single supplier. Put us to work for you!

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