Two Manufacturers Collaborating on Collaboration

Two Manufacturers Collaborating on Collaboration

Over the past couple of years, Logitech has established themselves as a leader in the world of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). Last year, I participated at a technology conference, where Logitech was exhibiting one of their top-selling conference cameras – the CC3000e. The Logitech solution was impressive, but the sales team indicated that customers in certain cases were asking for longer cables. This is where our collaboration began.

Logitech was looking for a connectivity partner that had the engineering ability to extend multiple signals (USB, video, audio and 12v power) up to 100ft in length. C2G was already a leader in USB extension with our award-winning USB SuperBooster solutions, so we challenged our engineering team to modify our existing solution to meet Logitech’s needs. Just about 90 days later, we had the prototype of our Extender for Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e. Requiring two Cat5e or Cat6 cables of lengths up to 100ft, the extender provided enough length to allow installers clean and flawless connectivity for the CC3000e.

The Extender for Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e is labeled and color-coded for quick and easy installs and is now available through our distribution partners.

As a result of this newly formed alliance, C2G has become a member of the Logitech Collaboration Program as a Complementary Partner. We are now actively working together – or collaborating – on additional complementary solutions, where we will be leveraging our respective expertise at delivering high-quality solutions to this ever-changing marketplace.

By Tom Plantamura