Transceivers Don't Void Warranties!

Transceivers Don't Void Warranties!

This post is more of a PSA than a typical blog post. Legrand wants to use every method of communication to let potential customers know that Legrand transceivers do not void network equipment warranties.

At Legrand, all of our network transceivers are fully compliant to MSA standards. Each and every transceiver is coded and tested to the original OEM specifications as well as tested “in-application”, so you know it works. But quite often, network equipment manufacturers will verbally mislead customers into thinking their network equipment will lose its product warranty support after a Legrand or other third party transceiver is installed.

The truth is network equipment manufacturers cannot deny warranty support on their network equipment – not even in the event an installed Legrand transceiver fails while in use!

Denying warranty support is illegal per the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act.

Network equipment manufacturers have guidelines stating that warranty support on their products will not be affected by installing a Legrand or any third party transceiver. Most guidelines are posted and available on their web sites. So, be confident that your network equipment will continue to be supported!

By Thomas Chantrell
Legrand Product Manager

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