The Presentation at Olympus

The Presentation at Olympus

I’m invincible, unstoppable, ceaseless...I’m a Juggernaut…or so I thought. The battery in the MacBook® I was using seemed to last forever. I could literally go from meeting to meeting without running out of power. “This thing is amazing,” I thought to myself. That being said, I’m still of the mindset that laptop batteries only last a solid hour to 30 minutes, or what felt like the moment I undocked it. What’s the proper emoji for that? I still have a tendency to believe that any battery - no matter how high tech - can last a whole day of use. Ah, but I was wrong! The story goes a little something like this…a week or so ago I am sitting in a jam-packed room in the home stretch of a marathon of meetings (ironic fate, Pheidippides the message courier to Marathon, died after delivering his message) and I thought my MacBook would make it to the very end. Alas, the battery started flashing warnings similar to that of hazard lights warning you that you are about to drive off a cliff. Low and behold, it’s now my turn to present. I grab my MacBook and begin to trudge to the front knowing that it’s dying. To charge or not to charge - that is the question? Run Pheidippides! Run! Finish the race prove yourself worthy! “Ha,” I mutter quietly into the wind (clearly there was no wind this is a meeting room) as people in my vicinity give sidelong glances of curiosity. I hold aloft this glorious marble-esque device, my saving grace - sent from Olympus by Iris - who knows how important delivering a message is. No, this device was not of the gods, or perhaps it could have been, as it was a C2G USB-C to HDMI® Audio/Video Converter with Power Delivery. With this device plugged into the lone USB-C port, I was able to present my slide deck through the HDMI port while simultaneously charging the MacBook, so as to not lose power. Ares, to battle? “Sigh.” A tale from Euripides, of an ordinary man tossed into extraordinary circumstances? No. Just a presentation from a normal guy, but a successful one…thanks to a beautiful C2G converter.

The modern Pheidippides

Editor’s note

To give a little more background to the story above, we discovered that the MacBook (model A1534) only has one port. That single port is USB-C, and is used for charging, audio/video, uploading, downloading, etc. This leads to an issue of not being able to use the Apple® charger while using a video adapter. We confirmed that the C2G part number utilized by the modern Pheidippides was 29532 (white), which is also available as 29531 (black) and is also offered with a VGA output instead of HDMI as 29533 (black) and 29534 (white). An important note about the 29531 through 29534 is that the USB-C female port located next to the HDMI female port will only transfer power into the device that the male USB-C end of the USB-C to HDMI Audio/Video Adapter Converter with Power Delivery is attached to. The USB-C female port cannot be used to power, charge, or output data to a device connected to the USB-C female port.