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What Does USB 3.1 and the USB C Connector Mean For Video Ports?

- With the recent exciting news released by the USB organization about the future of USB, there leaves a lot of questions to be answered. How will this change mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc)? What will laptops/netbooks and Chromebooks look like in a year? What does this mean for existing video ports? The great news is that the new proposed specifications will really change the landscape for USB and jump it forward in a great way. However, as always with new jumps in technology there is…

What Does USB 3.1 and the USB C Connector Mean for Laptops?

- Technology is constantly changing, but it is very rare for a new technology to come along that will completely change the current landscape. The USB 3.1 standard and the USB Type C connector will do just that for laptops. The USB 3.1 standard is the latest USB specification and brings with it many new advances, including increased charging capacity, support for audio/video, and an increased data transfer rate. The C connector is the newest USB connector, and it be introduced in the coming mont…

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