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C2G Earth Day

- For Earth Day this year, C2G hosted a fun filled week of activities. The event helped create sustainability awareness within our company. Not only is C2G committed to the betterment of our community and Earth – Legrand is equally committed. This is an important partnership. Why, you ask? 1 billion people in the world live without electricity, 783 million people live without clean water, and 2.5 billion live without proper sanitation. By the end of Earth week, C2G planted 1,770 trees and raised $…

Sustainability in the Workplace is Fun!

- Last year, C2G was acquired by Legrand North America. As part of this acquisition, C2G is now part of Legrand’s commitment to sustainability. This commitment to sustainability is driven by three goals: High Performance Sustainable Buildings: Legrand is dedicated to designing products that are environmentally preferred, and meet the needs of High Performance Buildings Operational Excellence: Legrand is focused on increasing resource productivity and reducing the environmental impacts of our opera…

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