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- A lot of new products and solutions highlight “4K” and “8K” as a key selling point, but what exactly does that mean—and how does it relate to an end user? THE NUMBERS Both 4K and 8K are classified as Ultra HD resolutions. The numbers in beginning of the names “4K” and “8K” refer to the horizontal pixel count in thousands. 8K has twice as many horizontal and vertical pixels as 4K—so how does that translate to the overall picture? The total pixel count in a 4K is 8 million pixels, or one-fourth of…

Take Back Your Desk With A Slim Desktop Power Center (DPC)

- Bring power and charging to the work surface while also reducing clutter? Sound too good to be true? We think not. Here at C2G, we appreciate convenience in everyday products. We strive to bring innovative solutions that enable our customers to focus on what’s important to them. Searching for outlets under or around your tables and work surfaces may not be the most ideal way to spend your time – and we get that. With the Wiremold® Slim Desktop Power Center, you can beat the under-desk-crawl and…

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