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A Guide To C2G Digital Video Connectivity Solutions

- There are as many ways to connect AV devices as there are imaginations involved in the AV industry! Quite often we think of DVI-D, HDMI or HDBaseT as mutually exclusive choices, but the truth is that all those connectivity solutions are transporting essentially the same content. Picking just one solution from the industry‚Äôs entire menu of possible connections is far less effective than defining the parameters surrounding the needed link and then finding the solution that satisfies those parame…

The Importance of Connectivity in Healthcare

- One of the great things about my job is that I have the opportunity to meet and trade ideas with many different people, with different jobs from all kinds of organizations both within and outside the technology industry. One of the consistent themes over the past year has been the increasing focus on healthcare. A Growing Market It seems that almost every organization that sells, installs, manufactures or supports IT and AV systems has, or is planning, some kind of healthcare initiative. With go…

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