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C2G Custom Solutions: A Collaboration Story

- Centuries-old packaged ice industry: meet disruption! One of Legrand’s recent projects was collaboration with Juan Marti, CEO and co-founder of the smart technology company IceQ. Formed in 2011, IceQ was designed with the intent of bringing a disruptive technology to the packaged ice industry. And did they ever! The IceQ team developed its flagship When to Go™ technology specifically to minimize the number of touch points for ice deliveries needed in a given day. This helps eliminate the two pri…

OEM - But Not For Cars

- Fun Fact #1 It's been said that the Dutch phrase, "onder eigen merk", which means "under own brand" is where today's OEM term, Original Equipment Manufacturer, originated. Fun Fact #2 OEM is most commonly associated with automobile parts, and designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part. It's as close to buying the exact same part that came on the original product as you can get. Fun Fact #3 C2G is considered an OEM, since we manufacture product…

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