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6 Steps to Create the Perfect "How-To" Video

- Confession: I spent two hours watching makeup tutorials last night on YouTube. The night before, I found a YouTube video that helped my sister with her Calculus homework. Last week I got tired of waiting on my dad to help me fix a leaky faucet in the bathroom. I found a YouTube video and fixed it myself! All of these stories have one common theme: How To. No longer is YouTube just a collection of videos about puppies or homemade music videos; YouTube has become a place to learn and share knowle…

How-To Videos for Common Connections

- C2G just launched a new ‘How-To’ section on our website dedicated to making common connections easy to understand. Each video addresses a different type of connection, walking the viewer through the products they will need and how to make the connection. Multiple options are discussed in each video. Check out some of our first videos! How to connect a serial device to a PC: In this video you'll learn how to create a serial port on your computer using an existing USB port. This will allow you to…

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