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A Guide to Legrand USB Hubs, Adapters and Extenders

- USB continues to evolve and will soon become one of our most powerful connectivity technologies, driving some of the most profound changes in the communications industry will ever see. Over the past few weeks we have been discussing the wide variety of USB connectivity solutions from C2G, a Group Brand of Legrand North America. This week we will take a closer looks at USB Hubs, Adapters and Extenders. USB Hubs USB hubs come in a number of configurations and form factors. A couple favorites for…

5 Technologies That Will Change Everything

- It is impossible for anyone to predict the future. Having said that, we can accept that there is a difference between a forecast and a prediction. Careful analysis of industry direction, product trends and emerging applications will inform any good researcher about the likelihood of one particular outcome or another. Although it’s an imperfect science, it is a scientific exercise and the health of any business depends upon the quality of forecasts. I’ve spent the last 18 months refining the fo…

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