Local Area Networks

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Legrand Transceivers: Simple, Affordable and Guaranteed

- It’s no secret that in this world, staying connected has never been more important. Just like the speed and strength, the quality of those connections is equally essential to a successful data communications solution. At the heart of most Ethernet networks lies a critical modular, pluggable, and interchangeable device: The Network Transceiver. The ever increasing need for speed will require quicker transmission rates for all future data centers, local area networks, and digital communications sy…

Boosting Fiber Optic Links

- The need for faster data transmission rates is an ever increasing requirement for tomorrow’s data centers, local area networks and digital communication systems. By adjusting the fiber optic communication links you can manipulate the data transmission rate of your network. These links are made up of optical and electrical components. Both components are required to work together in order to provide adequate system performance. In other words, the whole link is only as good as its weakest link. C…

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