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Avoiding Cabling Disasters

- In our cabling disaster post we talked about how racks quickly become a mess of cables, and what helps contribute to creating the mess. In this post, we’ll cover the communities on the opposite end of that spectrum who value, and actively work to make their racks as clean as possible – both during the initial installation and for future moves, adds and changes. There is special care required upfront during the selection process of the physical infrastructure, like the racks and cable management,…

Cabling Disasters and What Causes Them

- Cabling disasters, network spaghetti, these are just two terms that describe something that’s all too common within the IT industry. When networking is done right, it can be a beautiful thing; however, when the cabling isn’t managed properly, disaster tends to strike. If you’ve been in the industry for any amount of time, there’s a good chance you have seen what I’m talking about – network racks that become overrun with unmanaged cable, sometimes completely concealing the rack itself. These disa…

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