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Thoughts On 4K, HDMI, Signal Bandwidth and the AV Signal Quality Triangle

- One thing all marketing plans need is a number. Big or small, the size doesn’t matter. Just so long as there’s a number, and ideally a single number, that can be said to correlate somehow with a product’s quality then markets will use it. You know the drill; it’s a number someone can point to and claim “If that number is bigger (or smaller), then the product is better (or worse)”. It doesn’t seem to matter if the correlation is ambiguous, or even outright misleading. Sixty years ago, the audio…

Conspicuous Convergence

- It’s an old story. For years, we’ve been hearing about how technology is “converging” to a single standard. We’ve been told that one day everything will happen “in the cloud” and that the only wires we’ll need are the AC mains that carry power into the building. Sitting in a conference room trying to connect 21st century mobile devices to fixed AV assets with 20th century connections, one might be forgiven for being skeptical. Sometimes the failure of convergence to manifest in a form that al…

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