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New Infrastructure Hardware Must Support the ‘Age of Digital Buildings’

- We are now fully in the age of digital buildings. Building systems can now be networked together using a single common – or connected – infrastructure, which allows devices and systems to talk directly to each other and make needed adjustments without any direct human interaction. This means that every strategy deployed within a new build or a retrofit must do two things: 1. enable edge computing; and 2. allow for the next wave of broader connectivity. As a leader in high-performance network inf…

C2G Gets Physical! Physical Infrastructure, That Is.

- In our effort to bring you the most complete networking solution that’s more than just cables, C2G, a group brand Legrand, now offers Legrand racks, server cabinets and cable management accessories! These new products are backed by Legrand’s 30 plus years of technical expertise in physical infrastructure to ensure reliable network performance in small telecommunications closets up to moderately-sized data centers. Our rack offering starts with the simple 2-post rack , designed for lighter equipm…

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