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Simplified Connectivity: A/V and PC

- This is the second post in a series that will take an in-depth look at how we define Simplified Connectivity. Our first post, Simplified Connectivity, introduced this concept and showed how provide simplified connectivity through our technical expertise, straightforward solutions, and an effortless experience for our customers. This post will take a deep dive into our Audio/Video & PC product category. The audio/video product category describes our set of products that are used with audio/vi…

What to Consider When Extending HDMI

- HDMI has become an integral part of our day to day lives. From connecting a smartphone and HDTV to connecting a laptop and projector, HDMI is there. HDMI supports some of the best video resolutions out there and delivers the highest quality audio providing a cinematic experience in your living room. But what about when the distance required to make an HDMI connection increases. After a certain length, usually 50 feet, an active HDMI extension solution is required. There are many solutions on the…

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