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HDMI — A New Standard in Digital Audio Video

- Learn What the New HDMI 4k Standard Means For the Future of A/V This is the third post in a four-part series called "Emerging Technologies That Will Shape the Next 5 Years." HDMI LLC was founded by Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Technicolor S.A, RCA, Toshiba and Panasonic in 2002. Their goal was to create a connector for digital A/V devices that featured a small form factor and was capable of transporting uncompressed digital video, multi-channel digital audio and control signals while…

What is HDMI 2.0?

- The world of HDMI can be somewhat confusing and at times challenging. What seems like a simple connection gets muddied by crafty marketing language and inconsistencies amongst manufacturers. In this post we are going to clear up some of that confusion and arm you with the most up-to-date information on the HDMI specification. The HDMI 2.0 specification is the latest standard for HDMI audio/video signals. The HDMI 2.0 specification introduced support for features such as a 21:9 theatrical aspect…

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