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RapidRun Optical is the Future!

- In the summer of 2014 C2G introduced the latest offering in our RapidRun product line, RapidRun Optical. RapidRun Optical is our Leanest-Longest, Fastest-Strongest™ RapidRun product yet! RapidRun Optical offers lengths up to 1,000 feet while supporting up to a 4k resolution, 3D video, as well as Deep Color and x.v. Color thanks to its 18Gbps bandwidth. The small, ½ inch diameter of the RapidRun Optical connector along with the thin, flexible cable construction, make RapidRun Optical easy to inst…

Getting The Most From Your Chromebook

- When it comes to making our online computing experience easy, Chromebooks take the prize. Initial setup and startup takes literally seconds, but once it’s up and running, you may run into a few problems trying to connect it to your existing hardware such as printers, projectors, or another display. No worries though, C2G is here to save the day with our USB, HDMI, VGA and DVI adapters. So when do you need to use adapters? Chromebooks are outfitted with the latest and greatest connection types, s…

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