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4 Advantages Of Direct Attach Cabling (DAC)

- Today’s networks require higher performance from the network cabling, as well as cost effective connectivity. Direct attach copper and fiber cables provide both of these with their factory terminated performance and reduction in costs associated with field terminations. Let's begin with the types of direct attach cables on the market today, advantages and disadvantages to each, and which cables are best for various applications. What is a high speed direct attach cable? A high speed direct attac…

The Future of IoT Solutions

- "What size is that file?" This is a question that use to be very important to those of us in the computing world. It’s easy for us to forget the days of 5 ¼ and 3 ½ floppy disks when space was at a premium. The common maximum storage capacity of these disks was 1.44 MB, smaller than the size of files we easily send as email attachments today. I remember installing computer games that required multiple floppy disks, and that was viewed as normal at the time. After the floppy disk came t…

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