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C2G Custom Solutions: A Collaboration Story

- Centuries-old packaged ice industry: meet disruption! One of Legrand’s recent projects was collaboration with Juan Marti, CEO and co-founder of the smart technology company IceQ. Formed in 2011, IceQ was designed with the intent of bringing a disruptive technology to the packaged ice industry. And did they ever! The IceQ team developed its flagship When to Go™ technology specifically to minimize the number of touch points for ice deliveries needed in a given day. This helps eliminate the two pri…

5 Insider Tips From C2G

- I recently sat down with C2G’s customer service manager to discuss the most commonly asked questions from our customers. We uncovered a few tips and tricks that will help our customers get the most from C2G products and services Can you help me find a solution? Many C2G customers don’t realize that we have a full-time customer service team located in Moraine, Ohio. These highly-intelligent, fully-trained individuals are on call to help you find the product you need or answer questions about prod…

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