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COVID-19 Interview Series - Krista Interrante, MNJ Technologies

- During these times, we are doing more than just selling you connectivity products but connecting you to the humans responsible for running our business while we’re all working from home. So far, you’ve met Jerry Washington, C2G Warehouse Supervisor and Meghan Goodyear, C2G Purchasing Manager. Not only do we have awesome employees, but we also have awesome customers!Many of our customers have been stepping up during the COVID-19 pandemic and doing special things for their employees, vendor partne…

COVID-19 Interview Series - Jerry Washington

- Meet Jerry Washington. Jerry is a 13 year associate of C2G. He has held a number of positions over the years, and is currently the Distribution Associate Supervisor in our fulfillment center in Dayton, Ohio. Jerry leads the team of people who get orders out to our IT channel partners. So, if you have ordered or sold a product of ours over the last decade, there is a good chance Jerry picked, packed, shipped, or supported the team who delivered that product. Last week, we asked Jerry what this pa…

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