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- A lot of new products and solutions highlight “4K” and “8K” as a key selling point, but what exactly does that mean—and how does it relate to an end user? THE NUMBERS Both 4K and 8K are classified as Ultra HD resolutions. The numbers in beginning of the names “4K” and “8K” refer to the horizontal pixel count in thousands. 8K has twice as many horizontal and vertical pixels as 4K—so how does that translate to the overall picture? The total pixel count in a 4K is 8 million pixels, or one-fourth of…

C2G: Legrand's Newest Associated Brand

- Since C2G first joined Legrand’s Data Communications division, we have helped drive the company’s leadership position—providing building infrastructure solutions with products designed to support data center, building network, and audio/video applications. On March 6, we proudly became Legrand North America’s newest associated brand, joining Legrand’s multiple brands and product lines including Ortronics, Quiktron, and Electrorack. We’re excited to establish C2G as a brand of Legrand, which make…

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