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5 Classroom, Dorm Room and Workspace Essentials

- It’s been almost a week since it happened…autumn, that is. Without warning the sun is setting earlier in the evening, temperatures are suddenly cooler and local coffee shops are crowded with Pumpkin Spice Lattés. Millions of Americans are coming back from summer vacation and returning to school, college or work. C2G has a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your workspace and make this the most productive season of the year! Declutter your Desk– USB Hubs Free the USB connectors on your PC…

C2G Introduces Adapter Kits

- New technology is exciting! From how we communicate, to how we gather and share information, technological advances have changed the way we do business. I always look forward to the latest and greatest features from technology, and can’t wait to see how my life might be made a little bit easier because of those advances. For the most part, this is always the case, where those technological advances translate into doing something a little bit easier than you did before; however, in some instances…

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