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Mobile Music Connectivtiy - 3.5mm Audio Cables

- If you’re like me, then you’re constantly using your phone to access a wide array of content and entertainment. I use my phone for streaming TV shows, movies, music, plus I download and listen to a number of daily and weekly podcasts. All of this content, especially the music and podcasts provide a welcome distraction for those not-so-engaging-tasks, like mowing the grass or driving to work. Because my phone is so key in providing that wide array of entertainment, I want to make sure that it’s n…

Chef's Choice

- I enjoy all forms of media and have for as long as I can remember. Music, film, sports and social discourse will eventually occupy any screen or speaker I control during the course of a day. From the thousands of songs in the iTunes library, to the hundreds of channels on the satellite radio in the car, to the apparently infinite sonic explorations possible with streaming Pandora and Spotify, I’ve found that the convenience of access as delivered by advancing technology has sparked an insatiab…

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