Sustainability in the Workplace is Fun!

Sustainability in the Workplace is Fun!

Last year, C2G was acquired by Legrand North America. As part of this acquisition, C2G is now part of Legrand’s commitment to sustainability. This commitment to sustainability is driven by three goals:

  1. High Performance Sustainable Buildings: Legrand is dedicated to designing products that are environmentally preferred, and meet the needs of High Performance Buildings

  2. Operational Excellence: Legrand is focused on increasing resource productivity and reducing the environmental impacts of our operations

  3. Employee & Community Welfare: Legrand values its employees and the communities in which we work and live. We strive to provide an excellent working experience for our associates and better the communities in which we operate.

As the C2G team is learning more about Legrand’s sustainability efforts we are in the midst of a bracket-style recycling tournament called, Trash Madness. Each Legrand location has been matched up against another location, and the Trash Madness began! Each location is evaluated and receives points for recycling properly and reducing the amount of waste leaving the facility.

Overnight our office needed additional recycling bins! People were paying attention to what they were throwing away, and recycling instead. Informational emails and signs were posted about recycling around the building. Trash cans were less full and people were stopping to think about where their trash should go. They asked themselves, is this trash or is it recyclable?

Unfortunately, the C2G Moraine office was beaten by five points in the first round. There is no doubt this competition did its job – it got us to stop and think about our waste. It made us reduce the amount of waste we’re putting into our world!

If you would like more information about this program, or to learn about creating a similar contest in your workplace, please contact Stacy Hopkins.

Watch the video about Legrand's commitment to sustainability.

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