Simplified Connectivity: A/V and PC

Simplified Connectivity: A/V and PC

This is the second post in a series that will take an in-depth look at how we define Simplified Connectivity. Our first post, Simplified Connectivity, introduced this concept and showed how provide simplified connectivity through our technical expertise, straightforward solutions, and an effortless experience for our customers. This post will take a deep dive into our Audio/Video & PC product category.

The audio/video product category describes our set of products that are used with audio/video devices, like HDTVs and Blu-ray™ players, and PC devices, like laptop computers, desktop computers, or tablets. These products fit into one of the following categories


Active Devices

Adapters and Converters

Cables provide the physical connection between two devices allowing for communication between the two connected devices. The most common audio/video cable is HDMI. HDMI cables allow for both audio and video signals to be carried from one devices to another. This means that a single HDMI connection between a Blu-ray player and HDTV is all that is required to view and hear content from a Blu-ray player. A common cable type for PCs is USB. USB cables allow for the connection of a peripheral device, like a printer, to connect to a computer. USB cables are also used with mobile devices, like cell phones or tablets, to sync data, but more commonly to charge those devices. Finding HDMI, USB and many of the other cables from C2G is made easy by using our ConnectXpress tool. This straight forward tool is designed to help our customers find the cables they need by selecting the type of devices that will be connected, and then selecting that connectors required.

Active devices allow signals from audio/video & PC devices to be split, switched, or extended. The splitting devices take the signal from a single source device to multiple displays. This is useful in small scale digital signage applications. Switches are helpful when you have more source devices, than you do inputs. This would be common in a boardroom setting where multiple presenters where sharing a single display. A switch may be used to avoid having each presenter disconnect, then reconnect to the display. Extenders help audio/video and PC devices overcome the length limitations of their specific technology. These extenders use an active component to send boosted signals over native cabling, Cat 5 cable or even Fiber Optic cabling.

Adapters and converters have grown in importance as we have seen technology change and evolve. One big driver of the growth of adapters has been a push to digital technologies within the audio/video and PC industries. We offer many adapter converters that will allow a digital device to be connected to an analog device or vice versa. These adapters can help to extend the useful life of equipment, saving money by not requiring replacements.

At C2G, we’ve specialized in these audio/video and PC connection for over 30 years, and we have a number of experts on staff ready to help. We’ve created great self-service tools like ConnectXpress, and our Connector Guide, which outlines and shows many of the audio/video and PC connectors that you may encounter; however, if you’re not able to find what you looking for on your own, then contact one of our connectivity experts today!

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