Simplified Connectivity: Everyday Application

Simplified Connectivity: Everyday Application

This is the sixth post in a series that will take an in-depth look at how C2G defines simplified connectivity. Our first post, Simplified Connectivity, introduced this concept and showed how we provide simplified connectivity through our technical expertise, straightforward solutions, and an effortless experience for our customers. The second post covered our Audio/Video & PC product category, outlining our offering of cables, active devices, and adapters & converters. The third post focused on our Data Communications product category including our copper & fiber cables along with our transceivers & direct attach cables. The forth post showcased our Physical Infrastructure product category including our cable management, cabinets & racks, and poke-thru devices. The fifth post explored our Power Management product category including our power strips and power cords. This sixth post focuses on the most common applications where C2G products are used.

These applications may use some, or even all product categories from C2G—audio/video & PC, data connectivity, physical infrastructure, and power management. These most common applications fit into one of the following categories:

• Data Centers

• Mobile Device Connectivity

• Networks

• Work Spaces

C2G has made a number of recent expansions in our product lines designed to support data center applications. Focusing primarily on physical infrastructure and data connectivity, C2G can provide everything required to support and connect network electronics. From cabinets and racks to transceivers and fiber optic cables, C2G has the products to be the single source for physical infrastructure, and data connectivity in data center applications.

C2G has specialized in connectivity for audio/video and PC devices since our inception in 1984. As those devices have evolved to become more mobile, our product lines for those devices have adapted. This allows us to connect the most up to date technologies, including USB, HDMI and DisplayPort. We are continually introducing the latest, cutting-edge technologies and making sure that you stay connected.

The need for connectivity is growing rapidly. Greater bandwidth requirements for networks coupled with the desire to implement the Internet of things (IoT) and power over Ethernet (PoE) make C2G the perfect connectivity partner. We are prepared to support the installation of a single wiring closet or an entire building network. C2G’s product lines support networks that include data connectivity, physical infrastructure and power management.

As our technology becomes more mobile, and more connected, our work spaces have also evolved and become more diverse. C2G offers the audio/video & PC connectivity, data connectivity, physical infrastructure, and power management products to outfit a wide array of work spaces from the smallest huddle space to the largest conference room.

At C2G we support a broad range of products that would support a wide range of applications. We have the experts on staff to help you find the right solution to meet the needs of nearly any application. Additionally, we’ve created great self-service tools like ConnectXpress and our Connector Guide, which outlines and display many of the data communication connectors that you may encounter; however, if you’re not able to find what you looking for on your own, then contact one of our connectivity experts today!

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