RapidRun Optical is the Future!

RapidRun Optical is the Future!

In the summer of 2014 C2G introduced the latest offering in our RapidRun product line, RapidRun Optical. RapidRun Optical is our Leanest-Longest, Fastest-Strongest™ RapidRun product yet! RapidRun Optical offers lengths up to 1,000 feet while supporting up to a 4k resolution, 3D video, as well as Deep Color and x.v. Color thanks to its 18Gbps bandwidth. The small, ½ inch diameter of the RapidRun Optical connector along with the thin, flexible cable construction, make RapidRun Optical easy to install in as small as a ¾ inch conduit. Additionally, the jacket of the RapidRun Optical runner cable carries an OFNP (plenum) rating, which means that it meets the requirements of most installations. All of these features combined make RapidRun Optical sound like the perfect solution for any audio/video installation, right?

One of the limitations of RapidRun Optical is that, at introduction, only an HDMI to HDMI connection was supported. This made RapidRun Optical the perfect solution for those installations where an HDMI source, such as a Blu-ray player, is being connected to an HDMI display, such as a projector. The issue with only supporting HDMI is that not all installations feature HDMI to HDMI connectivity. Part of the introduction of RapidRun Optical included wall plates which featured both RapidRun Optical and RapidRun Multi-Format, which allowed for the HDMI connection to be run over the Optical runner, while other connections, such as VGA, Stereo Audio, and Composite A/V, could be run over the Multi-Format runner. This met the need for some customers, but there were still others for whom RapidRun Optical was not the right fit. One example is customers who require digital video connectivity in a medical application. DVI has been the preferred digital video connector in these applications partly because of the security offered by this connection. The DVI connector features thumbscrews for holding a cable to a port which allow for a physical security not offered by HDMI which relies upon friction to hold a cable to a port. In a medical application, losing video due to a disconnected cable can create serious complications.

Keeping that type of application in mind, we are happy to introduce newest option to the RapidRun Optical product line, RapidRun Optical DVI. Available as both a transmitter and receiver flying lead, DVI adds to the wide variety of applications where RapidRun Optical is a perfect fit. As with standard HDMI to DVI cables, the RapidRun Optical DVI flying leads are interchangeable with RapidRun Optical HDMI wall plates and flying leads. This means that you can connect an HDMI source to a DVI display, or a DVI source to an HDMI display which is typically required when connecting a new device to a legacy device. Another benefit that RapidRun Optical brings to medical applications through its runner’s flexibility is resilience to bending, which has been tested to withstand up to 10,000 bends. This resilience, along with the addition of the DVI leads makes RapidRun Optical a perfect fit in medical applications where equipment is mounted on articulating arms.

All of these features, including the addition of DVI leads, make RapidRun Optical the ideal solution for applications from the classroom to the examination room and all point in between.

By Brad Shinkle