Partner Spotlight Award – Southern Computer Warehouse

Partner Spotlight Award – Southern Computer Warehouse

As a “thank you” to our wonderful partners, C2G has created a Partner Spotlight Award program. This was created to help showcase the hard work and dedication put in by all our MMA accounts and C2G account managers. To help spread the recognition our top accounts deserve, C2G is excited to share some insight into what makes our top performers so successful. So, let us shine a spotlight on you!

Earning a Partner Spotlight Award is no easy task. Based on metrics around the level of engagement, year over year revenue growth and breadth of products sold, we have created a ranked dashboard showing our most successful partners. As an ongoing initiative, we update the metrics quarterly to give all our partners a chance to continuously improve and rise in the rankings.

At the top of this quarter’s leaderboard is Southern Computer Warehouse (SCW), out of Marietta, GA. SCW has had a partnership with C2G since 2007, and was introduced by a supply chain partner. Established in 1994, SCW is an American-owned and operated nationwide provider of IT hardware and software solutions for Corporate, Healthcare and the Public Sector. With over 1 million IT products in their catalog, and customer satisfaction as a top priority, SCW is a great option for any and all technology needs.

The primary business focus of SCW within their C2G partnership is in SLED – State and Local Government, K12 and Higher Education. To complement the education vertical, SCW focuses on the sale of C2G’s RapidRun product line. The RapidRun line not only boasts pre-terminated solutions for easy deployment, but also offers custom options to fulfill specific needs. The focus for SCW’s government customers includes a variety of optical products. In all other verticals SCW capitalizes on C2G’s breadth of product, offering an assortment of cables, dongles and A/V connectors to their customers.

Jennifer Schreuders, Vice President of Vendor Alliance at SCW, attributes 3 main factors as success drivers for their business; transparency, customer engagement and agility.

“From our manufacturer partners to our end customers, our mentality is about partnerships,” Schreuders noted. “Our IT infrastructure is focused on ensuring our customers are notified throughout each step of the order process, and our reporting capabilities for our manufacturers are top shelf. Working with fairness, honesty and integrity allows us all to benefit and grow.”

On the note of customer engagement, Schreuders stated, “SCW prioritizes personal engagement and customer service. When a customer has a request or a need, it’s our job to assist them by the fastest means possible. From first contact to a “no voicemail” policy, our employees are focused on personalization and service.”

Lastly, Schreuders emphasized the importance of agility at SCW, “Our senior management team has extensive channel experience and in-depth industry knowledge. This affords SCW, as a company, the insight to work beyond the norm to provide the best IT solution.”

SCW has put in an exorbitant amount of work to not only be a successful company, but also a dedicated partner of C2G. This success is due in part to SCW’s C2G account executive, Bill Henry, as well.

SCW has been working with Henry since 2012, and Schreuders admits Henry has become “part of the family.”

“We have a great relationship with Bill Henry. He’s actively engaged with the sales team to make sure we have the latest tools and resources available,” Schreuders added.

Henry shares the same fondness toward SCW, explaining “I feel like I am part of their family and appreciate the genuine respect they provide to me in return; regardless of the channel of communication, they know we are working for one purpose: we want the correct solution the first time, and to make it easy to do business for their own customers!”

Schreuders said SCW’s favorite part of working with C2G is the ease of doing business. “As C2G continues to evolve, the level of support, communication and engagement remains the same,” she explained.

C2G’s “willingness to go that extra mile” is the most unique aspect about the partnership between C2G and SCW, according to Schreuders. “SCW offers over 500 manufacturer product lines, and I can count on one hand the number of vendors that exhibit a true partnership like we have with C2G. It’s intrinsic to our core values, so it’s wonderful to be able to work with a company that exhibits the same principles as SCW.”

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