Partner Spotlight Award - Daly Computers

Partner Spotlight Award - Daly Computers

As we gear up to kick-off another exciting quarter, it’s time to celebrate last quarter’s successes. One of those successes is our latest Partner Spotlight Award winner. Each quarter we run the numbers to rank our top performing partners. Each partner is measured by the level of engagement, year over year revenue growth, and breadth of products sold. We update the rankings quarterly, to give all our partners a chance to improve and rise in the rankings.

This quarter’s Partner Spotlight Award winner is Daly Computers! They have been a trusted IT service provider in Clarksburg, Maryland, for over 30 years. Daly's target audience is state and local governments, as well as education spaces.  Their tech expertise centers around 4 solution pillars: Client, Enterprise, Printing and Imaging.

With Daly’s vast product line, they appreciate partners who help serve their customers to the highest degree. Jeff Di Bella, Director of Sales at Daly Computers, enjoys C2G’s complementary products to all of Daly’s verticals.

“C2G offers exceptional quality and availability to its channel partners – like Daly. The product line is vast, and helps us in every aspect of our business,” said Di Bella.

C2G and Daly have had a partnership for over 10 years now. Di Bella’s favorite part about working with C2G is “the consistency in the quality and availability. Custom solutions, if necessary. Great account management, and great supply in the channel.”

For the last 5 years, C2G’s Jacqueline Carner has been the dedicated account manager for Daly Computers. Carner described C2G and Daly’s relationship as, “wonderful.”

“Working with Jeff Di Bella, Diane Levant and the entire Daly Computers team has been a truly rewarding experience for me. I look forward to growing our partnership as we continue to evolve and broaden our solution offering through Daly and Legrand,” said Carner.

Carner shared her favorite aspect of working with Daly, mentioning their “vast knowledge of the IT industry, as well as their commitment to their customers and partners.” She further explained, “The sales and engineering team are always eager to share new opportunities and show a passion for learning new technology.”

While most relationships go through a “honeymoon phase” in the beginning, the friendship and mutual respect between C2G and Daly keeps this 10-year bond strong and supported. With new opportunities always on the horizon, Carner looks forward to continuing the growth between the two companies.

“I see a very exciting chance to grow sales revenue for both Daly and Legrand in the coming years through the vast product line and customized solutions we can offer together,” Carner explained. “This includes transceivers, racks and cabinets and of course the connectivity that we built our relationship on. I definitely look forward to the opportunities ahead.”

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