Office Events - St. Patrick’s Day and Basketball Fun in One!

Office Events - St. Patrick’s Day and Basketball Fun in One!

Each year the C2G office combines the fun of St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness into one office wide event featuring a Pot O’ Gold Chili and Soup Cook Off and a bracket style Shot Clock Shoot Out basketball competition.

Pot O’ Gold Chili and Soup Cook Off

This long standing office tradition is loved by the employees and therefore has stood the test of time. Each year a group of judges is carefully selected to taste all of the entries and determine the champions. After the judges have tasted all entries, the whole office participates in the carry-in lunch and gets a chance to make theirs bets as to which crock-pot will be taking home the prize. The champions earn bragging rights for a year and a gift card. It’s a delicious tradition that we’re sure will be around for many, many years to come.

Shot Clock Shoot Out

The 2016 competition marked our 4th annual Shot Clock Shoot Out. While this is a newer office event it quickly became a favorite for employees. The combination of basketball, competition, a teensy bit of trash talk and support for a local elementary school is the reason for its success. Competitors and spectators all huddle in to our largest conference room to participate and watch the tournament. The setup features an arcade style double basketball hoop, some timers and a bracket keeper. It’s fast paced and loud with lots of cheering and excitement. Again, the winner gets a year of big time bragging rights and a gift card. It’s a fun lighthearted event that brings the office together in a fun way.

Office Events

We have a few other events like this throughout the year that bring the employees together in a fun way – and why not?! We spend so much time with those we work with, it’s important to have a little light hearted fun from time to time. Plus, what better way to meet the new people on the other side of the building you’ve never talked to before? Or, learn who the best cooks and athletes are in the office – it might be someone unexpected! In my opinion, events like these are a few of the things that make any place a great place to work!

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