Mobile Music Connectivtiy - 3.5mm Audio Cables

Mobile Music Connectivtiy - 3.5mm Audio Cables

If you’re like me, then you’re constantly using your phone to access a wide array of content and entertainment. I use my phone for streaming TV shows, movies, music, plus I download and listen to a number of daily and weekly podcasts. All of this content, especially the music and podcasts provide a welcome distraction for those not-so-engaging-tasks, like mowing the grass or driving to work. Because my phone is so key in providing that wide array of entertainment, I want to make sure that it’s not damaged. So, like many others, I use a protective case for my phone.

That protective case, while nice to have, can be problematic. The issue arises when I’m connecting my phone to a separate audio device, like a speaker, my car, or a set of headphones, and the cable required to make the audio connection too large to fit into the headphone opening in the case.

What to do?

I found with a few of my connections that I was able to wedge the connector in the case just enough that I was able to get audio out. That worked great for a while but eventually, that wedging of the connector became too much for the case to handle and it cracked. Now, the dust cover that keeps the pocket lint out of my phone’s headphone port is essentially non-functional.

If only there was a better way!

But wait… There is!

C2G recently introduced a whole line of 3.5mm audio cables that feature a slimmed down connector, perfect for making those connections to mobile devices that use a protective case. These cables function just like any other audio cable, but the connector has a diameter of less than ¼ inch! These cables are also thin and flexible making them the perfect solution for an on-the-go mobile device.

C2G also made these cables easier to find by including AUX in the name. For those of us without Bluetooth streaming audio in our cars, like me, the best way to get audio out of your phone to your car stereo is through the AUX port.

What is AUX port anyway? Technically, it is an abbreviation for auxiliary audio input. This type of port is commonly found on car radios, cell phone, and home stereo systems. Anyone who has every worn a pair or headphones has seen a 3.5mm Aux connector (I hope I’m not dating myself here).

By including AUX in the name C2G has made it easy to find and easy to know that you have the right cable.

So now, with my new case and my new cable, I can easily make the connections I need to enjoy the content from my phone!

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