New Extender for Logitech Video Conferencing System

New Extender for Logitech Video Conferencing System

Logitech has successfully established itself as the leading provider of video conferencing systems for today’s distributed workforce. Businesses have welcomed the Logitech video conferencing systems for occupying the middle ground between inexpensive webcams and cost-prohibitive, pro-level video conference systems that can have eye-popping price tags.

Logitech video conferencing system users are often limited, however, by the length of the cable within the Logitech base package. This limitation can restrict the size or configuration of the conference room in which it is used.

Want to break free?


C2G is proud to introduce our new Extenders for Logitech Video Conferencing Systems. Made for use with Logitech® GROUP, SmartDock or CC3000E, these extension kits provide the ability to extend the camera or speakerphone of the system up to 1000 feet away from the system hub while retaining full functionality of the Logitech system. This solution utilizes one RapidRun Optical runner cable, included with the kit, for extension and the kits are available in extension lengths from 35 to 1,000 feet.

C2G’s new Extenders for Logitech Video Conferencing Systems make it simple. You select how far you want to go, and the kit extends the camera or speakerphone of either Logitech GROUP, SmartDock or CC3000e system up to 1000 feet. To get the cleanest installation, simply add the length of Cat5 or Cat6 cable and you’ll only need to use a single power supply for operation of the entire extension solution.

In addition to carrying the audio/video and control signals required for the operation of the Logitech video conferencing system, these extenders carry an HDMI audio/video signal. This means that the extender can be used to place the camera or speakerphone exactly where you want it in your room, while also carrying the audio/video signal from your compute device, laptop or tablet, to the in-room HDTV or projector. This provides the full video conference experience for all meeting attendees.

No more restrictions, no more limitations. Break free!

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