Life as Rotational: Making an Awesome Opportunity Even Better!

Life as Rotational: Making an Awesome Opportunity Even Better!

These days, it seems like rotational programs are becoming the pumpkin spiced latte of the corporate world; and, why not? They are awesome across the board! Rotational programs, or a program that offers new hires the chance to cycle through different departments and roles over a predetermined period of time, are mutually beneficial to both the employer and employee. In fact, a rotational program is what brought me to C2G and, quite frankly, I never want to leave. Although every rotational experience probably can’t be as awesome as the one here at C2G, listed below are a few suggestions to make sure you get the best of your rotational experience!

Keep an open mind: As a part of the fairly new Sales and Marketing Rotational Program within Legrand North America, my first sixth month rotation brought me here to C2G! I got a bit of a late start compared to the other rotational associates in my group so I was ready to hit the ground running. Not knowing what to expect from Legrand or C2G, I made a point to come in with an open mind and ready to learn.

Communication really is key: One thing that I love about the Legrand Rotational Program is that it offers its associates an opportunity to travel to the different acquisitions around the U.S.—whether for product training or various workshops. With my late start to the program, I ended traveling approximately every week for a month and a half. This sounds (and is) really awesome, but can be taxing on associates right out of college and still getting adapted to the corporate world. This adaptation made it more important to keep my manager, Brad, informed on everything outside of my scope of work and how these situations may impact my work within C2G. This leads me to my next pointer.

Be honest: Be open and honest about your rotational experience! I was blessed with an awesome manager who has made it really easy to discuss any ideas, challenges, or obstacles I may be experiencing. From the very first day, Brad has encouraged me to honestly share about anything that may be overwhelming, and also if I felt the need for more support. This made me realize how important open and honest communication is in the work place. I am fortunate because my manager made a conscious effort to make sure that I felt comfortable communicating with him. However, if you are not as fortunate to have a manager who may not be as approachable as Brad, never be inhibited to express your opinion. Doing so gives you the opportunity to learn and grow.
Learn, Network, and Learn More: This one is HUGE! My experience at C2G has given me an opportunity to learn so much from people with a wealth of knowledge. From sales representatives, to successful account managers with over 20 years of experience to marketing specialist, C2G is filled with knowledge in a plethora of areas. More importantly, C2G is filled with people who are more than willing to share this knowledge. Networking can be a little hard at times, especially in a new environment, but I guarantee it is something that you won’t regret. When you have questions, ask them. If you need help with something, ask for it. One thing I learned at C2G is that if I have a question, there is someone here who has the answer. Often, asking a simple question can open the door to much bigger conversations. So get out of your little cubicle, get some knowledge and meet some awesome people!

As a rotational associate, I truly could not have asked for a better work environment than C2G. Everyone was hospitable and I was able to learn so much all while working on a marketing project that actually contributes to the growth of the company as a whole. But one thing that I learned is that a rotational experience is truly what you make it. Take every opportunity you can to network, exchange ideas and most importantly, to learn!

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