Legrand Transceivers: Simple, Affordable and Guaranteed

Legrand Transceivers: Simple, Affordable and Guaranteed

It’s no secret that in this world, staying connected has never been more important. Just like the speed and strength, the quality of those connections is equally essential to a successful data communications solution.

At the heart of most Ethernet networks lies a critical modular, pluggable, and interchangeable device: The Network Transceiver. The ever increasing need for speed will require quicker transmission rates for all future data centers, local area networks, and digital communications systems. This is where C2G steps up to the plate to become the number one choice for data center owners and operators of all kinds.

The recent expansion of our transceiver line has given us the leverage to maintain our spot as your single networking partner and leading third party transceiver provider. Here at C2G we are aware of the value of transceivers within data center solutions, but we also recognize the myths that surround “third party” transceivers that cause many to second guess the reliability of those products.

It is said that using a third party transceiver-– that is, a transceiver supplied by a manufacturer other than the one providing the broader network equipment- will automatically void the warranty of the network equipment.

This is not the case.

Use of a third part transceiver will not automatically void the warranty of the network equipment. Legrand transceivers are built to the same specifications and perform the same as their equivalent OEM transceiver.

As a transceiver consumer, there are many different aspects to consider when choosing a provider. Buyers of third-party transceivers should make sure that all transceivers are OEM compatible and that all transceivers are 100% application tested with OEM equipment.

Legrand Transceivers from C2G are 100% OEM compatible with Cisco, HP and many other popular networking systems. Each transceiver is application tested with OEM equipment-no batch testing! Our Transceivers comply with all MSA guidelines-ensuring functionality in any desired data communications solution. If that isn’t comforting enough, the data centers of over 30 Fortune 100 Companies are currently operating with third party transceivers while maintaining quality and reliability.

We know that there are multiple things to consider when choosing a transceiver provider. That’s why we strive to provide an effortless experience for every customer-from product variety to technical expertise, C2G keeps connectivity simple.

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