Learning from Home - What Do I Need?

Learning from Home - What Do I Need?

Here in Ohio, my elementary age kids are at home with me. The neighbor’s college students are home from Ohio University and Miami of Ohio. My family and others like ours have benefited from some increased quality time, but I still have work to do and the kids, no matter the age, still have assignments to do!

I expected a packet of materials for my elementary age students to work through, but nope – most of their remote learning is being facilitated online. Classes are even having video calls, grades Kindergarten and up! Professors are engaging with their college students through online lectures and assignments.

With so many people in one home needing to connect digitally, things can get hectic. C2G has a few items that can help optimize the learning space:

  1. Dual Display Docking Stations - A dual display docking station allows learners to expand beyond just the laptop screen so they can view a video call, assignments, messages and more at one time across multiple monitors.
  2. USB-C Hubs - I don’t know about your kiddos but mine are having a hard time typing on laptop keyboards and not hitting the mouse touch-pad area. Using a USB-C Hub will make it easy to connect those old keyboard and mice with USB A connectors to newer devices.
  3. Power Adapters and Desktop Power Centers - Now is not the time for your kids’ device to run out of power… they’re helping us all stay sane!

This is a new experience for all of us, and our tech support teams are available to help via live chat with any learning space set up needs you may have!

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