Food Trucks- Mobile Cuisine at the Work Place

Food Trucks- Mobile Cuisine at the Work Place

Food. FOOOOOOOOD!! Food is pretty great. Ever gone without sustenance? It’s the worst. Your body needs fuel, and I suggest you stuff your face with as many delicious calories as you can. Our bodies are our temples, and we should do whatever possible to honor them. Sometimes, however, life has a way of rudely coming between you and those tasty morsels you crave and deserve. It’s times like these when we must go out of our way to treat ourselves! Who has ever worked all night on a project and rewarded themselves with an apple? Have you ever invited all your friends over to your house to help you move and thanked them with salad? NO! Hard work warrants spoiling yourself with delicious food, but sometimes the food your body has earned isn’t readily available. So what do you do?!

Let’s table that for a second. We live in a world where we fast food is available to 70% of the population. I can get pizza, burritos, General Tso’s chicken, hamburgers, or naan from five different places within a three mile radius. But what happens when we grow numb with these easily accessible options? Why do I have to be limited to the food vendors that are in a five mile radius of my place of employment? Food should be more mobile… Food in vehicles…. Cars? Nay! Trucks! Food Trucks!

After some quick Googling, it appears that I’ve missed my chance at millions, and food trucks are already a thing. Fine, if I can’t get rich on the idea, I will at least be sure to capitalize on the fact that this market has somehow developed all around me. I must mobilize this armada of tasty transported treats and have them delivered to our humble place of business for optimal lunchtime snacking! This seems like such a daunting task, but I’m hungry, so let’s get to work…

Ok, so not only is there this whole “food truck” phenomenon that I somehow missed, apparently there is also something called the “social media” where individuals such as ourselves can connect with pretty much every other person or business in the free world! (And all this time I thought the Internet was just to make fantasy football more convenient) It turns out that many of the Dayton area food trucks have a social media presence, and they’re more than willing to engage commoners such as myself to plan future visits with their trucks. Score!

Many of the food truck operators I contacted were in the processes of shutting down for the winter, before the Dayton area fell victim to another Hoth-like season. Luckily a couple of saintly chefs were willing to brave the cold to come feed us. The first conquering hero to step up was Harvest Mobile Cuisine. Their menu consists of local foods and all-natural ingredients. On a side note, if all healthy food tastes this good, I might be willing to rethink my otherwise gluttonous ways. I had the Harvest Melt, which is pretty much the best grilled cheese known to man. It’s created from locally made white cheddar and crumbled goat cheese on Bakehouse 7-grain sour dough bread. It’s good. It’s REALLY good. So good that it’s probably better than activities I can’t mention in this blog…

Continuing with the grilled cheese theme is C’est Cheese, who visited us on 11/14. C’est Cheese is an old-school cart with a griddle on it. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill grilled cheese sandwiches either, as I found myself paralyzed by the variety of delicious options available. I eenie-meenie-miny-moe’d my way to the Buffalo Bleu, which was a grilled cheese with buffalo chicken pieces and blue cheese. So good I should’ve gotten two!

Our last truck of the year, Pa’s Pork, will be here on 12/12. I don’t know much about these guys, but when I tell people they’re going to be here, their eyes glaze over and they start to drool. There are only a few things in this world that you can take as a sure sign, and if food is so good that the mere mention of it makes it hard to keep your slobber in your mouth, you’ve convinced me.

We hope to set up a regular rotation of these trucks (and others) for next year. By taking advantage of the warmer weather and having “Food Truck Friday,” we are combining convenient and delicious lunches with getting outside and mingling with our co-workers.

By-Chris Stedron. A Marketing Analyst on the Pricing team, and an all-around good guy.

photo credit: vitamindave via photopin cc

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