Straight From Our Intern, Crysten

Straight From Our Intern, Crysten

Finally! Reliable USB for Mobile Devices.

This post was written by Crysten Moore, a C2G intern working for the web team this Summer. She was asked, "What C2G products would you use as a college student?" In her words...

Technology has become such a prevalence in today’s society. Let’s be honest here, it’s practically a necessity. I could go on and on about the different products of the ever-growing world of technology. However, what I want to focus on today is the lifeline of a number of humans, the infamous cellphone. Whether it be Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, etc. the cell phone is a prominent part of majority of our lives.

As a college student, I find myself using my mobile device much less for entertainment purposes and more for organizing the chaos that my life seems to attract. I use it as an alarm for when I can barely roll out of bed in the mornings, the calendar has saved me from missing something important on various occasions, and last, but certainly not least, I use it to record those long drawn out lectures that college professors are so fond of. Good thing there is no such thing as Cell Phone Labor Laws. Clearly my Apple iPhone 6 is a pretty important part of my life and I need access to it at all times. The only downfall to such frequent usage is that the battery is not immortal. It will eventually die. What sucks even more than a dead phone is a charger that has betrayed you and stopped working. This is where C2G can help us out!

While C2G cannot give my phone some magical power in which it will stay charged forever, they can help in ensuring that not only myself, but all cell phone users, will have a reliable way of charging our battery. With their large array of cables and adapters for mobile devices, C2G provides consumers with durable, trustworthy, and affordable products. These products include, but are not limited to, the Lightning Male Sync and Charging Cable, 3ft Samsung Galaxy Charge and Sync Cable, AC to USB Mobile Device Charger. Not only can these products be used to charge one’s cell phone, a few of them are a means of transferring data or can connect to other devices such as tablets.

If this was not already apparent, I HIGHLY recommend visiting the C2G website and checking out the products. They range from wireless speakers and HDMI cables to tool kits needed for installations. C2G is definitely your one stop shop for all things connectivity!