Fiber RapidRun? But Why?

Fiber RapidRun? But Why?

Why did we choose fiber for the next generation RapidRun?

RapidRun has been around for almost a decade, so what better time to introduce a new edition to the product line than now? (imagine a slow clap) Introducing… (clap is a little faster)…the leanest-longest, (clap is faster)… fastest-strongest…(faster)…modular cabling system on the planet (fastest)… RapidRun Optical (streamers an balloons falling from the ceiling).

Form Factor

Optical fiber is extremely light in weight, small in size and much more flexible than copper cables. Compared to copper, a 35ft RapidRun Optical HDMI cable may fit in a person’s pocket. The new RapidRun Optical measures an impressive 3mm X 2mm vs. RapidRun Digital’s diameter of 10.5mm. The new RapidRun Optical connector measures 13mm in diameter vs. 16.6mm for the RapidRun Digital connector. The optical cable has a 5mm bend radius and weight that cannot be matched by any copper cable carrying the same signals. For the reasons stated above, RapidRun Optical is even easier to pull and install than our copper RapidRun products. RapidRun Optical fits in wall boxes and may be pulled through ¾ inch conduit (even with 90° sweeps field bent). The optical runner cable is much easier to work with than traditional copper cabling.

Future Proof

People’s expectations for high-definition, digital signals are rising, and so are the bandwidth requirements that that carry those signals. This presents a problem, as copper cables have bandwidth limitations. A 100ft copper cable that could support an analog A/V signal 10 years ago could not be used to support a digital signal at the same length today—not without electronics or extenders. It is a simple principle that as bandwidth increases, the effective length of copper decreases. RapidRun Optical is the solution for this problem. It can handle the high-definition, digital bandwidth requirements of today (4k x 2K) at the longest possible length.


RapidRun Optical is modular in design, easy to install and saves time. At present there are 32 RapidRun Optical products, and that number is expected to increase as C2G learns of additional customer needs.

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