Drucker’s Efficiency and RapidRun Optical

Drucker’s Efficiency and RapidRun Optical

Peter Drucker, the great 20th Century business consultant and educator who invented the concept of ‘management by objective’, once said “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” Think about this for a minute. Do it now, we’ll wait.
Great, you’re back! That’s a very deep thought, isn’t it?

The brilliance of Drucker’s observation is in its applicability to so many situations. I can’t help but believe it fits perfectly whenever I see a project where analog video cables are being installed with all the efficiency and finesse possible after more than a half century’s worth of practice. But analog A/V infrastructure really shouldn’t be at the core of a system design. Not today. And especially not if you expect the system to work reliably and pay back your investment with years of unfettered high performance.

We are living in a digital world. Just ten short years ago, in 2004, we were still buying CRT’s and talking about EDTV (extended-definition TV – a fruitless compromise on the way to full-on HD). Today we expect 1080p HD performance on our living room televisions, on our tablets and laptops, in our classrooms, and in our collaborative work spaces, too! The chances are very good that you’ll even be watching UltraHD (4x the resolution of your current HD set) before the end of the year if you’re an early-adopter type. Prices are down and expectations are up, but only if you have the right connection between the source and the display.

At the InfoComm show this year we premiered a brand new product that addresses much of the concern over future-compatible A/V connectivity. The original RapidRun system has been with us for nearly a decade, and for most of that time it’s been a runaway success. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that the original RapidRun was conceived and developed during those heady analog days when 720p was considered an impressive achievement. In the same way that the original RapidRun delivered a unique and uniquely efficient installation solution, our new RapidRun Optical interconnect leapfrogs all expectations to deliver the extraordinary. With RapidRun Optical you’ll be ready for UltraHD, D4K, 3D video, and pretty much anything else we can see coming in our crystal ball.

RapidRun Optical, as its name suggests, is based on fiber optic technology. In its tiny casing are six strands of pure glass, each one being driven by its own dedicated laser source. The bandwidth of this system is more than enough to ensure a clean path to tomorrow. Designed for installation in the most demanding commercial environments, the fiber connection of RapidRun Optical ensures full HD video resolution and multi-channel digital audio, compliance with High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) protocols, and performance that is impervious to environmental RFI and EMI influences. No thicker than a strand of spaghetti, RapidRun Optical has a bend radius specification of just 5 millimeters and is available in lengths to an astounding 1000 feet!

If you’re tired of living with technology that never quite seems to catch up to your real needs, then RapidRun Optical is a solution you really need to check out. It’s just not right to keep installing the same compromises time after time. After all, there’s nothing as useless as doing something that shouldn’t be done at all. For a better outcome, step away from yesterday and install tomorrow behind your walls with RapidRun Optical.

Want to know more? Attend our free webinar on Wednesday Oct. 8th at 2pm EST, titled, "RapidRun Optical: Designing & Installing Systems with the Revolutionary Modular Cabling Solution."

-Joe Cornwall

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