CTS Training: Lessons Learned From Delcom

CTS Training: Lessons Learned From Delcom

Today’s Audio Video consulting and integration businesses know all about InfoComm’s Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) program. Over the past 30 years, CTS has clearly emerged as the leading AV professional credential.

Obtaining the InfoComm CTS® certification is challenging. Companies seeking to secure or maintain AV industry leadership wisely invest in classes to help their employees prepare. These smart businesses know the investment is a win for everyone: for their staff, who enhance their skills, capabilities, and marketability; for the company, which can ensure top-quality employees and services; and for end-users and clients, who rely on CTS-certified providers to provide the latest technology and industry expertise.

Delcom Group (Delcom), recently made such an investment. On January 11-13, 23 members of the Delcom team took an InfoComm CTS prep course near the company’s Lewisville, Texas headquarters. It was an information-filled few days, with many valuable insights and skills provided.

For other companies preparing to provide such a useful opportunity for their staff and customers, here are a few lessons learned from Delcom’s CTS prep experience:

  • Get the best possible instructor
    The Delcom CTS prep course was led by Joseph Cornwall, Legrand’s Technology Evangelist, who holds InfoComm CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I certifications. Mr. Cornwall was also honored as the 2014 InfoComm Educator of the Year. So we knew Joe could provide the appropriate level of expertise and insight. Perhaps more importantly, Joe is genuinely engaging and fun to work with. He made going back to school a fun experience for everyone!

  • Prepare for high employee demand
    We knew there was a high level of interest among our Delcom team members, but even we were impressed by the level of participation: more than one-half of our entire workforce signed up and participated in the CTS prep class. We ended up shutting down our office for a few days – and we were glad to do it! So companies should expect robust interest in these classes by employees looking to stay in the vanguard of AV know-how.

  • Secure ROI
    The CTS prep class is a substantial investment for companies – and it’s totally worth it. If you’re looking to grab or retain market share in the AV consulting/integration space, it’s a total no-brainer. Make it happen – and enjoy the benefits over the long term!

  • Leverage your partners
    Delcom benefitted from our partnership with C2G, a brand of Legrand, which sent Joe to conduct the InfoComm CTS prep course for us. Such instruction is part of Legrand’s commitment to helping integrators and other clients successfully navigate the rapidly changing technology landscape. Legrand is redefining how AV fits into the information and communications technology industry, and is willing to support its clients with leading expertise and instruction. Are your vendors delivering that kind of benefit? If so, take advantage! If not, well…

  • Understanding your motivation
    Meeting the requirements for InfoComm’s CTS certification is a key credential for Delcom, because we differentiate ourselves from our integrator competitors by ensuring that each of our customer-facing professionals can provide the highest level of service to clients. For us, providing CTS education to our installers, engineers, sales, training, marketing, and executive team members supports our investment in maintaining a solid team built with industry expertise and experience.

We had a great couple of days. Thank you to C2G, a brand of Legrand, and to Joe Cornwall for a valuable – and enjoyable – learning experience!

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