Creative Ways to Hide & Organize Cables and Cords

Creative Ways to Hide & Organize Cables and Cords

Useful as they may be, cords and cables are some of the main ingredients for decor chaos. A clump of cables stands in stark contrast to your home’s aesthetics—after all, most interiors don’t exactly ooze a rubber-and-electrical vibe. And too many cords on counters, walls, and desktops can seriously clutter your surfaces, which can make you feel anxious and take away precious workspace as well. Got a cord problem in your home? No need to worry—with one of these simple adjustments, you can take care of cords without threatening your home’s interior design.

Stay Focused on Your Work, Not Your Desk Cords

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: you’re midway through a big work project you’re preparing at home when your monitor suddenly powers down. You follow a tangled wad of cords down to the outlet, cursing yourself for not doing a better job organizing your cables. Now which one goes to the monitor again? You wonder, while the time until your deadline ticks away. Desktop power cords don’t have to be a jumbled nightmare—especially if you use hook and loop cable wrap or mountable cable ties to gather cords together and keep them firmly in their place. Your boss will thank you when you wrap up ahead of schedule!

Keep Devices Charging in the Kitchen—Without Cord Clutter

Your family has three tablets, two phones, and a laptop—and the cords are getting out of control! Most of us are using our kitchen outlets more to charge devices than to run the blender—after all, the kitchen counter makes a convenient and accessible spot to plug in. There’s just one problem: all those cords are definitely taking over your cooking space—and they look messy. That’s why a lot of homeowners opt to install a device charging station in a kitchen drawer or in a decorative box that sits on the counter. If you’re feeling really industrious, you can even [build one yourself]( or All you need is a decorative letter organizer, a USB port wall plate, and an enterprising spirit!

Hook Lamp Cords into Place and All You’ll See Is Your Good Taste

It’s hard to focus on your new antique find with a mass of cords dangling just below your eyeline. Lamps on hallway and entryway tables have it the worst—as accent pieces, they’re meant to draw the eye, but when all you can see is cords, the effect is somewhat diminished. Instead, use command hook cord clips to run the cord along the back edge of the table, away from the view of guests. Your tasteful lighting will be on full display—but not the cords you used to get it!


Don’t Let Mounted TV Cords Ruin Your Favorite Shows

It’s the season finale and you should be focusing on the big reveal, but all you can see are the cords hanging down from your mounted flat screen. Now that few TVs sit on stands and cabinets, cords are a real problem—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Wrangle your cords into a hidden wall plate that doubles as a shelf, which makes a great place for an Xbox, speaker system, or other accompanying equipment. The television cords are fed behind your wall’s sheet rock for a super-professional install that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Tidy Up Your Air Conditioning Unit with a Creative Cover

Indoor cables aren’t the only cord eyesores—your [HVAC unit] and its accompanying connections can definitely drag down your outdoor decor, too. Luckily, they’re not too hard to hide with a DIY cover. Your outdoor unit looks lovely behind a lattice screen—just make sure not to let weeds or vines grow up around it in case your service technician needs to have a look. For a wall unit, try a set of adorable cafe curtains that will cover your unit without blocking air flow. Now that’s a cool idea!

With one of these quick fixes, you can conquer cord chaos—before it takes over your home!

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