6 Steps to Create the Perfect "How-To" Video

6 Steps to Create the Perfect "How-To" Video

Confession: I spent two hours watching makeup tutorials last night on YouTube. The night before, I found a YouTube video that helped my sister with her Calculus homework. Last week I got tired of waiting on my dad to help me fix a leaky faucet in the bathroom. I found a YouTube video and fixed it myself!

All of these stories have one common theme: How To. No longer is YouTube just a collection of videos about puppies or homemade music videos; YouTube has become a place to learn and share knowledge!

My team at C2G decided to become part of this learning community by producing several How-To videos that focus on connectivity and technology. We realized that there is a need for quick, easy solutions for connecting devices such as cell phones, TV’s and projectors. However, creating a How-To video is more challenging than we originally imagined.

The first decision we encountered was choosing a topic. There were simply too many great options! Should we create a video demonstrating how to wirelessly connect a mobile device to a TV? Or how to daisy-chain USB hubs? Or how to extend an HDMI signal? The possibilities were endless! We decided to reach out to the sales organization to gather customer feedback, we checked with technical support for common questions and we considered common searches conducted on our website. We decided that focusing on customer feedback would be imperative, since understanding our audience is key to choosing relevant topics.

The next step was to create a script for the video. Unlike writing a blog or tweet, in which marketing is the main objective, the information in the video had to be technically accurate, explain the solution in simple terms, and show the solution in action To begin, I put myself in the shoes of the viewer. What information would I be searching for? What information would help me complete my task in as little time as possible? This mindset helped me to create a script that was informative, easy to follow and less than five minutes. The brevity of the video was of extreme importance. We understood that our viewers are searching for step-by-step information while being pre-occupied with setting up new technology. We did not want to overwhelm the viewers with too much information or bore them with an overly drawn out video. This realization led us to decision to keep the videos short and focused on one main solution.

I then began the script with the basics. I described the problem we were going to solve, introduced the products that would serve as the solution and highlighted some basic safety information. From there, we jumped into the first solution. The script was crafted to highlight each step of the process in a logical and thought-out manner.

When the script was complete, the search for star-quality talent began. Because the videos are of a technical nature we needed someone who was conformable on screen as well as comfortable talking about complex technology. Luckily we found Sean Sonner, a technical product marketer, who was destined for stardom! Sean was able to bridge the gap between being a technical expert and teaching a diverse audience about how to use C2G products.

After the filming was complete, the most difficult process began. C2G’s interactive designer, Josh, pieced the video together. The end result was a seamless video that clearly showed each step in the solution process.

The final step was to share our video with the world! We uploaded the video to our pre-existing YouTube page, shared on social media and featured in our video library on the C2G website.

Feel free to check out some of our favorite How-To-Videos below. At C2G we specialize in “Simplifying Connectivity”.

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Stephanie Chester

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