COVID-19 Interview Series - Krista Interrante, MNJ Technologies

COVID-19 Interview Series - Krista Interrante, MNJ Technologies

During these times, we are doing more than just selling you connectivity products but connecting you to the humans responsible for running our business while we’re all working from home. So far, you’ve met Jerry Washington, C2G Warehouse Supervisor and Meghan Goodyear, C2G Purchasing Manager. Not only do we have awesome employees, but we also have awesome customers!

Many of our customers have been stepping up during the COVID-19 pandemic and doing special things for their employees, vendor partners and customers and this week we spoke with Krista Interrante, Senior Marketing Specialist at MNJ Technologies to share what they have been doing to set themselves apart!

How has MNJ Technologies been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: MNJ has taken a proactive approach to COVID-19. We have been working remote since mid-March, before it was mandatory for Illinois employees. The executive team felt it was our duty to do our part and help flatten the curve for our employees, their families and the community. We are able to stay connected with our team even though this is all new for us.

MNJ’s biggest concern from the very beginning has been the safety of our employees and our clients. We receive daily inventory updates from our distributors to help assist our clients with minimizing wait times for their products. We want to make sure they can continue to work business as usual as much as possible during this pandemic.

What are some things that you are doing or have done to keep the spirit of your employees and customers high during this time?

Answer: MNJ has implemented video calling and daily team huddles to increase collaboration within the company. We also have internal happy hour, Bingo nights and talent shows. For external activities on social media, we post a weekly schedule that includes activities like trivia night, scavenger hunts, coloring contents and lessons, talent shows, story times, wine classes and workout classes with Pilates and Yoga. Through all of these activities we want to bring the community together and show that MNJ doesn’t just help our clients with technology solutions, but we are also here for them in this time of change. We are all in this together and MNJ is here for them.

What has been the response?

Answer: The response has been incredible. We have heard nothing but positive things from our vendors, clients, employees and other people we have connected with through social media. They appreciate MNJ thinking of creative ways to stay connected with people while they are self-quarantining. Our vendors and clients bring up our activities in meetings and tell us what a difference we are making during this time of uncertainty.

If you’d like to see more of what MNJ Technologies has been doing during this time, check out their LinkedIn page here.

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