COVID-19 Interview Series - Meghan Goodyear

COVID-19 Interview Series - Meghan Goodyear

This week we are connecting with another member of the C2G team about the impact COVID-19 has had on their professional and personal life. If you’re a full-time working parent turned teacher overnight for your children – this one’s for you!

Meet Meghan Goodyear. Meghan has been with C2G for 13 years. She has held various positions through the years and is currently the Purchasing Manager in our Dayton, Ohio office. Meghan leads the purchasing team responsible for maintaining optimal stocking levels for all the C2G product lines. Meghan has also been a positive force in the office, leading teams that support our local community and championing employee appreciation activities. Last week, we asked Meghan what this pandemic has been like for her.

1. What has this experience with COVID-19 been like for you professionally?

Answer: Challenging; my days have been very full of added reporting and meetings that are specific to the COVID-19 impact. This, in addition to standard daily workload, has kept me very busy. It also takes more effort to maintain personal relationships with those that I am used to seeing in the office. You need to be very deliberate in your interactions and set aside time to meet, when that would have been much more casual in the office.

2. How has your role changed as a result of COVID-19?

Answer: Tasks that I would do on a monthly basis now happen weekly to stay on top of this very dynamic environment. At the onset, there was a strong focus on our supply chain and everything unfolding in China. That quickly shifted to everything that was happening domestically. We have had to make some quick changes in how we are planning and reacting to meet the customer and business needs.

3. What has this experience with COVID-19 been like for you personally?

Answer: It has been a mix of high-stress and some fun.  With two school-age kids (kindergarten and 3rdgrade), my workday is peppered with homeschooling/entertaining (and a whole lot of dish-washing). The days are very long. They seem to fly by but there are never quite enough hours to really do all that I would like to.  It is so nice to be able to be a part of my kids’ day, but it is hard to do it all.

I try to remember how lucky I am to be able to work at home; however, some days are more challenging than others. I think I really appreciate the low-key weekends more now than ever. I really miss my family, friends and co-workers as well as other things I took for granted.  It is nice, though, that technology can keep us all connected.

4. What do you most look forward to when this pandemic is over?

Answer: More than anything, seeing people face-to-face. I hope to breathe a sigh of relief that we ended up on the other side of this in a good place. I look forward to a family dinner with our extended family that we are really missing these days. I’m excited to eat in a restaurant and take my kids to their friends’ house (and leave them there for a few hours of peace ?). I’m looking forward to school and sporting events. And I can’t wait to just wander the aisles of Target for as long as they will let me, filling my cart with non-essential items only.

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